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Read this article before you consider paying your drinking water.

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Read this article before considering paying for your drink

Isn’t it good to stop our poisoning for pollution or water to drink? I, for one, felt that I would get a safe source of drinking water. (Of course, I would like to turn on the tap, and out it will come out!)

If you have cancer and magnets or wonderful plants or Vioxx, we have seen positive things about your health products. 90% is fraud. You may even have fallen to some of these insults, giving you a recent fad. Me too. I have bought many kinds of drinks
water, I can’t remember. (Often it is often enough, it becomes “reality”).

Finally, after more despair I got FED UP. We can’t have a good idea, but we don’t like to make us sick.

I looked at the endless business website and several university sites and government; and I was afraid of what I got:

– Time information or information from other websites
– Wild and interesting claims
– No research
– No restoration, etc..

I know that we don’t know that we are our country for next year.

In particular, I’ve found:

a) Water Stones: mish-real quality, not more than the printed tap water.

b) Reverse-osmosis and water supply: completely stop the evidence of risk treatment in drinking water that does not exist in minerals, acids in nature and oxides.

I soon realized that these products had been lost, increased or could be harmful for a long time. Companies shouted through the bank.

I knew that I was able to know what I did. I have found websites that compare reliable water monitoring providers: www.waterfiltercomparisons.net and
www.waterpurifier101.com. (At the first of these sites does not address the problem of acidity in drinking water, it is directly in the evaluation of various water filters.)

I hope you will not be destroyed by false claims, and look at these resources, for your health.

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